Eight is Too Late…



I wrote this almost four years ago, when my daughter was six and my husband was still a student. It’s sweet looking back at this, especially since all of it is still true.

I don’t know why I wanted to start a blog. I guess I wanted an outlet, and since I type almost 100 words a minute, I thought a blog would be better than a journal. When I was a new graduate nurse, I frequently heard the phrase “eight is too late.” Sometimes I would hear nurses warn laboring patients…eight is too late if you want an epidural. More often I would hear patients ask for their epidural before any “real” pain had really set in, citing I’ve heard eight is too late if you want an epidural.  As a new graduate nurse, I bit my tongue and didn’t say anything. But in my head, I was thinking Houston, we have a problem. That wasn’t the whole truth. Eight isn’t always too late! It’s frequently not too late. Where had patients heard that from and why were we not telling people the whole truth and nothing but the truth?!?  I realized there was a major gap between women and their healthcare providers. Something seemed to be missing. Most providers wanted to do the right thing and most women wanted to trust their providers.  I didn’t know what I could do to bridge the gap.

That year, my first year in OB, I went to my first national AWHONN conference, where I met hundreds of nurses that were just like me, thinking the same things, and dealing with the same issues, regardless of where they were from. It was then and there that I realized there is a common thread that binds us nurses together.

I don’t know if anyone will ever read this, but in my mind I imagine myself reading my entries a year from now and I think I’d like to remember all the ups and downs that makes up my life as a labor and delivery nurse. I have been a labor nurse since I graduated nursing school.  My husband is a student, and I’m the only one that works (for now!)  We have a six year old daughter, who is the sweetest, most adaptable child ever.  I want another baby, but my husband doesn’t…which sometimes makes being around women giving birth difficult…but I love my job so much I can’t imagine doing anything else.

There are so many cool, crazy, weird, wrong, and wonderful things that go on in my world—my world on a labor and delivery unit.  I hope you think that my life as a labor nurse is as interesting and funny as I do!

Until my next delivery, remember….
eight is not always too late! (except for most of my multigravidas!) ❤

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  1. I am sure that you have been told this over and over again, but if you ever have a sick day or otherwise feel the need for some TV, you should check out Call The Midwife. It’s fascinating to see the issues and limitations they were dealing with in 1950s London. It’s based on the actual memoirs of a midwife, and doesn’t rely on a lot of external drama.


  2. Where I worked as long as you can sit still for the epidural, and had an IV started, you could get it. (As long as the baby is not crowning, of course!) Almost every patient seems to have heard that myth from family and friends!


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