Charivari Restaurant * * * *


2521 Bagby St, Houston, TX 77006-1605   (Midtown)

Five of us went here for HRW.  I was kind of perplexed when we arrived, because it is located in a strip center. I literally think it’s steps away from a grocery store. Anyway, I ordered a filet off of the regular menu, and it was DELICIOUS. So far this year, it’s been the best filet I’ve had.  One of my friends got the fish, and she was not impressed and did not eat much of it.  I ate some of her salad, and it was very good. The vegetables that came with my filet were not good at all. It tasted like they were raw. My dish came with potatoes au gratin, and they were dry and kind of blah.  I had the hazelnut tart, and it was very very good.

My friend had the steak off of the HRW menu, and she said it was just okay.  She had the risotto and said it was fantastic and she wish she had just ordered a big plate of it.  The bread here was just okay (and I love bread!).  It was extremely warm in this restaurant. We had to ask our servers three times to lower the air. It was uncomfortable. But the service was great. I had to rate this restaurant four stars, even with all the other mishaps, because my steak was to die for.


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