Brennan’s * * * *

Brennan’s of Houston 

3300 Smith St, Houston, TX 77006 (Midtown)

Hours of Operation Lunch M-F  11:00 am – 2:00 pm Brunch Sat 11 am – 2 pm  & Sun 10 am  – 2 pm Dinner M-Sun 5:45 pm – 10 pm



Again, we came here for Houston Restaurant Week.  They changed their menu from the website, so when we got there not all of the items were the same, which was kind of a disappointment.  Two of my friends had the turtle soup, which they all said was fantastic. The other two of us had the house salad.  My friend liked it, but I thought it had too much of a vinegar taste.  For the HRW menu, they were supposed to have the peach salad, which they changed to this house salad, so that was aggravating. Two of the girls got the Amberjack, and even though I don’t eat seafood, it came out looking delicious.  They ate almost everything, and both girls said it was fantastic.  My friend and I got the filets. Mine was overcooked, so I asked the server if this was their medium-rare (It had very little pink it in), and he kind of gave me this snobby attitude about it “kind of being” medium rare, but if I wasn’t happy he’d take it back.  So he took it back.  When they brought out my new steak, it WAS medium rare (pink all the way through with a touch of red in the center), but it was soooo tough. I didn’t complain about it though, because the sauce that they put on top of it was FANTASTIC and the mashed potatoes were so good.  Everyone had a taste of my steak and everyone said it was very tough, before I had ever said anything to them about it. It was actually hard to cut through.  But I didn’t really care. I’d already had two glasses of wine and was so happy about the sauce that I didn’t mind….but I probably wouldn’t order the same steak again.  I did taste my friend’s steak, and her filet was very very tender. So it was probably just my luck on this night!  🙂 One person had the bread pudding, which she said was nice. I had a taste, but I don’t really care for bread pudding, but I thought it was okay.  My friend had the bananas foster, which she said was great, and one of the best she’s eaten.  I had the pecan pie, and it was very very good.  The ice cream that they put on top was average…and I love ice cream!  But the actual pie itself was very good and warm.   They have valet parking for $5.  We’ve been to two restaurants this week with free valet parking, and I like that better than $5!  The actual inside of the restaurant is beautiful.   The main reason I’ll go back is because my husband loves seafood, and I think my six-year-old daughter would think she’s “queen for a day” if we sat at the tables with the over-sized chairs.  When we go back, I probably will not order the filet though.”

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