Brennan’s – Round Two! * * * *

caris brennans

So the first time I came here, I thought the restaurant was pretty good, but nothing to write home about. But I realllly wanted to bring my daughter, because they have these big massive chairs in the main dining room, and I thought she would feel like a queen.  lol  and she did!  When we arrived, her whole attitude changed. I was so glad they sat us in the main dining room with the fancy chairs. They pulled her chair out and put the napkin across her lap. The service was outstanding. The bread was soooo nice.  We both had filets, and they were classic and great. I didn’t care for the vegetables. They only had asparagus to choose from. The mashed potatoes were fantastic.  I had a much better experience this time, but because I’m not a seafood eater, I would not come back here unless I had my husband in tow, who loves seafood. The ambiance is so nice, and the service is exceptional, so if you are a seafood lover, I don’t think you’d be disappointed with this place. I gave this place 4 stars because although my steak was nice, and cooked perfectly, I could have gotten this same steak at a number of other fancy restaurants. You do have to pay $5 park, and the guy was a little rude. But again, I don’t think you’d be disappointed coming here for dinner.

One more cool thing about this place…they have cooking classes!  Another adventure I’ll have to try with the girls!

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