Pappas Bros. Steakhouse * * * * *

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

5839 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77057-5616

Cocktail lounge
opens at 4 PM daily

Dinner is served from
5 PM-10 PM

Dinner is served from
5 PM-11 PM
Friday and Saturday


Every August, we go to all sorts of restaurants for HRW (Houston Restaurant Week).  Four of us had filets and one of us had the strip.  I really do not like strips, but I had a taste of my friend’s, and it was delicious…but our steaks were melt-in-your-mouth.  I ordered a side of Bernaise sauce for my steak and it was horrible.  That was my only complaint.   I had the cesarean salad, and it was also great.  Three of us had the cheesecake for dessert, and we were all pleased. It has a graham cracker crust, and the crust was average, but the actual cheesecake was fantastic.  One of us got the chocolate mouse, and she ate it all before giving anyone a bite, so I’m guessing it was good! lol   The service was above average, but not perfect…but still, really good service.  I ordered a diet coke when we sat down and I was into my salad before it came.  That was the only thing that bothered me.   I’m sure some people go here all the time, just because they can, but this restaurant for me is more of a “special occasion” type of restaurant.  So if you feel like a little splurge, I’m sure you wont be disappointed.  They have complimentary valet parking. The ambiance is very nice. It’s dark, there’s wine everywhere, and a piano in the bar area. They have their steaks out in a case where you can see the quality as soon as you walk through the door.   All five of us were very pleased with our choice for that week! 

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