The Glass Wall * * * *

glass wallglass wallglass wall

Glass Wall

933 Studewood St, Houston, TX 77008   (Greater Heights)

 (713) 868-7930

Again, we went here for HRW, but again, I ordered off of the regular menu.  The restaurant is super trendy and a little noisy, but the staff was exceptional and the food was delicious.  I had the Hereford Rib-Eye with fingerling potato/forest mushroom/asparagus hash, and cabernet jus. Everything was soooo good.  When the group of us all go out to new restaurants, our favorite thing to order are the sides! We’ll get like a million of them…and at most of these places, the sides are large enough to share. I got the saffron rice and macaroni and cheese, and both were great. All five of us loved our food, and we would definitely go back again.  If you haven’t tried this place, you wont be disappointed if you give it a go!

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