Baby Items I Couldn’t Live Without

  1. Bumboo chair – Eight years later, Lincoln is now using this same seat. When I say it’s worth it’s weight in gold, I mean it!  This seat is so versatile, and although everything has spilled on it, everything just wipes right off. It has been in the bathtub, it’s gone with us to the beach, and we even take it with us to restaurants. Every night when we eat dinner, we sit Lincoln in it and he sits with us at the head of the table.  Although you should never leave your child unattended in any chair, it’s nice that you can free up your hands while still keeping your eyes on your baby.

    Caris in her Bumboo chair playing the piano

    caris june 28th 121

    Caris eating breakfast in her Bumboo chair.

  2. Stokke stroller – I’m not going to lie…this stroller is expensive, not the easiest thing to fold up, and it takes up massive amounts of trunk space (your trunk needs to be pretttttty clean to fit everything in there). Having said that, I still love this stroller. Again, 8 years later, I’m now using it for Lincoln. I get comments about it everywhere I go. The best part about this stroller: it sits up very high, much higher than traditional strollers. It can face forward, or towards the parent.  Facing the parent, the seat can be pushed almost completely back, so that the newborn is almost lying down. It’s perfect for that sleeping baby!  It’s also really nice to take into restaurants, because the seat height can be adjusted to the height of the table…making it a perfect ‘highchair’. It has additional accessories, like a pram (a baby bed that attaches to the stroller), an umbrella, and all sorts of accessories for super cold weather.  It is easy to maneuver around because all the wheels swivel.

    Caris in her Stokke stroller - three years old.

    Caris in her Stokke stroller – three years old.

  3. Blooming Bath Baby – This soft-clothed baby bath fits in your sink, and the ‘petals’ support your baby. I love this baby bath because it has grown with my baby. I used it when Lincoln was a month old (that’s when I bought it) and I still use it now (at 7 months).  It is sold exclusively at Target. link

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  1. This is an older post, but I can announce that the Blooming Bath (which I’d previously only seen on Zulily, and was apparently at Target) is also available at HEB!


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