This is Labor and Delivery


This is how I feel when I go to work.



This is how I feel when someone thinks their water broke…and they’re not wearing a pad.



This is how I feel when every single person that comes into triage is SROMed or 8cms.



This is what I imagine my patients must be thinking when I do a vaginal exam.



This is what my face looks like when I’m doing a vag exam and it’s super posterior (I have tiny hands!)


rolling her eyes

This is how I feel when the doctor says ‘failure to progress’ at 5 o’clock.



This is what I look like trying to eat before my multip delivers.



You can talk about body fluids and body parts while I’m eating, but this will make me want to throw up.



….and then this is how I feel ….



This is how I feel when my patient is complete, but I lie and say she’s 7 so that the doc will give her a chance to labor down.



This is how I feel when she delivers with one push.



This is how I feel when my patient delivers without an episiotomy or a laceration.



This is how I feel when I spend all day helping a mom breastfeed and I come back the next day and she’s been given formula.


screaming woman

This is how I looked during a STAT as a new grad.



This is how I look during a STAT now (um, with a good charge nurse!).



This is what I’m really doing during a STAT (then and now).



This is how I feel when the baby latches on the first time he’s put to the breast.



This is how I feel when a patient has an anterior lip, and then 15 mins in left lateral gets me a baby.



This is how I feel when something is nicked in the OR during a cesarean delivery.



This is how I feel when the grandmother says “that baby needs a bottle”.



This is how I feel now that you have to be at least 39 weeks to electively induce a patient.



This is how I feel when a patient says they don’t want an epidural and no, they didn’t go to any prenatal classes.



This is how I feel when I leave work.


Mom and Link

And this is why I go back.

 I love love love labor and delivery!  It’s crazy and chaotic and there are times when it’s heartbreaking and times when it’s gross, but in the end, the moments that we spend with our patients are so beautiful.  Lots of love to all of my labor patients!

This is Triage

Until my next delivery ❤


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  1. I am a retired nurse that worked L & D as a young nurse. Your blog made me laugh and to remember some of the great times and horrific times. As you I prayed a lot. After a few years I opted to move to the ER. Go figure!!

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    • I now work in an ER as a labor nurse in case one of them comes to the wrong place. I am getting one heck of a new experience and had a delivery in the ER I will remember for the rest of my life


  2. Our docs, were I work, are real good at letting our Mom’s labor down. We don’t HAVE to lie to them and tell them the pt is only 7cm! LOL. I don’t know if that’s because all of them are women, or what, but….


    • that is why I work nights…we have a I don’t call you, you don’t call me relationship and can labor them down. I can confess we had a doctor that his worst time to come for a delivery was 0300 because he was dead asleep at that time. He claimed he only came in at that time when I was in charge so I used to go “help” my nurses to get their patients delivered and innocently happened to get them to deliver at that time


  3. I think I’ve gone through just about every thing above,but I loved Labor & Delivery! I’m retired now,but if I could go back to work right now,I would do it in a heartbeat! ❤️💜💕😍 😀


  4. My heart goes to all L&D nurses, they are a special breed to me. Now don’t get me wrong ALL nurses are appreciated and are all special in their own right. I grew up in the Home of an L&D mom. She served 42 yrs worth of patients. I got to see how things either made her happy, mad ,sad , frustrated, as well as proud of her profession . I have gone into the medical field due to my mom(s) the other nurses on her floor helped me grow up to be who I have become. I love L&D!

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  5. I was a L&D nurse for 26 years. Lived and loved all the above. I went back to school for MSN in nursing education. Now I TEACH OB. Love to see the look on student’s faces when they witness their 1st birth. …


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