To Caris: The Things I Always Want to Remember….

These are some of my favorite memories of you growing up.  I hope I never forget any of these things!

  • When you were seven, we got lost in San Antonio. Stopped at a red light, you saw a homeless man with a sign. You asked if I had any money, and I told you I didn’t have any cash. Before the light turned green, you rolled down your window, gave him your umbrella and said “I don’t have any money, but here’s my umbrella in case it rains.”
  • When you were two years old you would cover your ears whenever I called your daddy ‘my husband.’
  • You were six years old the first time you got constipated. We were in the bathroom at a Saltgrass Steakhouse. You were so dramatic. You started crying and you just kept saying…go get my daddy. Do you need to call an ambulance? Where’s daddy?   He’ll know what to do.”  The stranger in the stall next to you could not stop laughing.  P.S. I’m the nurse!
  • When I found out I was pregnant with your brother, I told you that I was nervous I wouldn’t love this baby the way I love you and you told me to have faith, that I have enough love in my heart for the both of you (and you were right!).
  • This past Christmas, you made a Christmas list and you put items on your list for everyone…new slippers for dad, and new floors for me.  lol
  • I’ve always worked a lot, but when you were little we baked cupcakes almost every single day I had off. You came home from school one day with a fill-in-the-blank questionnaire It said “my mom likes to….” and you said “drink wine and put me on the stairs.” For the record, I have only had to put you on the stairs once for time-out (when you were three) and I have no defense for the wine.  And WHY couldn’t you mention the cupcakes?!?
  • When you were seven years old you went to England with Wella and Wello.  You texted your daddy from your IPAD and asked if he could please call you because you needed advice.  He was so worried, he called you straight away. You needed advice on the game Mind Craft :/  He missed the last 10 minutes of the movie we were at.
  • We saw Toy Story 3 at the movie theater and you cried when the boy went off to college. You thought it was so sad that he had to move out of his parents house to go to school.
  •   When you were four years old you wanted to be a magician. You wanted to be a magician so bad. Your dad didn’t want to lie to you, so he’d let you abracadabra things all over the house, and nothing would disappear.  And then one day I was with you, and you abracadabra-ed an egg, and I snatched it while you were twirling around.  You were so ecstatic and I was elated that I had given you your magician moment.   ….And then you said you were going to “magic it back.”  Needless to say, your magician moment was short lived.
  • When you were around 3 years old, I moved the sofa to find about 100 candy Easter eggs. I asked you what that was about, and you said you were keeping them “nice and safe until they hatched.”  That night, I went to the store and bought every single fuzzy chick I could find. I replaced the eggs with them, and a couple of days later when you found them you were SO EXCITED.
  • I gave you a massage every night before bed until you were around six years old.
  • When you were four, you accidently touched me “down there” when we were in bed, and then you asked me why I had fur.  lol
  • When you were five you said you were never going to leave us, that you’d live with us forever. When you were six you said you would live right next door. When you were seven you said you were going to live by Wella, but you would visit us.  When you were eight you said you were going to live in China and we could come visit you.  I see where this is going…
  • Two days ago you came home from school and ran to the bathroom.  While you were in there, you kept calling for you dad.  He came downstairs and waited for you outside the bathroom door, and when he asked what you were calling him for, you told him that you just wanted him to be the first thing you saw when you came out of the bathroom.
  • When I was pregnant with your brother, I confessed to you that I didn’t know if I’d be able to love him the way I loved you. You told me not to worry, that my heart was big enough to love two people 🙂
  • When your baby brother was born, you told the entire neo team that you thought he was going to be a rapper.
  • You would not wear shorts or jeans until you six years old, because you said you couldn’t ‘dance’ in them.
  • I bought you this blue and white rumba dress when you were three. You never wanted to take it off. I ended up buying it in every size I could find.
  • Ever since you were little,  you would wake up and itch everywhere. You called it your morning itch.  When you were 8 you had an allergic reaction to something and you got hives all over your body.  You could not stop itching.  When I first noticed you itching like crazy, I asked you what was wrong and you said “I don’t know mom, but all I do know is that this is not my normal daily itch.” lol
  • Any time you left the house, or the car, you would say “lots of love to…” and then you would name everyone in our family and every single pet we’d ever had.  The list gets longer and longer every year!


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  1. I ran across your blog from facebook. This is beautiful.

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  2. Sweetest thing ever!! I should do this for my daughter. She crackes me up and drives me crazy at the same time. She’s only 4!

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  3. Heard you talking about your blog the other day, and thought I’d check it out! Pretty funny! Thought this section was awesome! So creative, and cool :)!

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  4. My daughter is a labor and delivery nurse. She doesn’t talk much about her job (Actually, she is a pretty quiet person about everything!) so, it is nice to read and understand some of what her day entails. Thank you for the insight. By the way, your writing style is very easy and enjoyable to read!

    Mama of Night Owl Nurse


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