Medicine Head

I finally ended up in the hospital for this cough I’ve had for 5 weeks. I swear, I can’t just get a cough, I have to get pneumonia. I now have to take medication for an entire  month. And thanks to my sensitivity to codeine, I’m now chasing my cough medicine down with Benadryl to combat the itching and Zofran to fight off the nausea. I feel very medicated-out, which feels weird and makes me a bad speller.  On a sad note, I have gotten a get-out-of-work-free card for a week, and now I’m stuck at home.

So, now that I have some ‘spare’ time I’ve made some more labor and delivery posts that I will be publishing all week  🙂  GUESS WHO ELSE LOVES LABOR AND DELIVERY?!? The Walking Dead, Modern Family, Arrested Development, Game of Thrones, and Buffy!  I mean, how could they not love labor and delivery? We’re our own little universe in any given hospital.  Doctors act the same way, patient’s say the same things, and OB nurses are….well, OB nurses!

I hope everyone loves them. They are written with much love to my OB patients. Even stuck at home, you guys are what I’m thinking about!


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  1. Love you, Shelly! Feel better!

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