The Walking Dead Does Labor and Delivery


This is how I feel when I can hear my patient screaming from all the way down the hall.


This is how I feel when I hear someone say that it doesn’t matter if the patient is contracting every minute if she isn’t feeling them, so I should continue to increase the Pitocin.


This is how I feel when I get yelled at for not increasing the Pitocin.


This is how I feel when my patient is admitted for active labor and delivers all on her own (it can still happen!)


This is how I feel when the doctor walks into the room for delivery, says I called them for the delivery too soon, and then the baby pops out while the doctor is still gowning up.


This is how I feel when a baby’s head turtles back, and I foresee myself giving suprapubic pressure.


This is how I feel after working 5 straight days in a row.



Yeah, that’s about right!

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5 replies

  1. lol =) I want a game of thrones one!


  2. This is awesome! Found you via Facebook & am loving your blog! Not a new nurse did med/surg for 3 years but new to L&D-my passion! Keep posting, you’ve earned a new fan!


  3. Twenty years in and “laboring” behind the desk now, but you are so spot on! thanks for making this old labor nurse’s day…love your stuff!



  1. Which "Walking Dead" Survivor Are You | Sharing Interesting Stuff, Updates News & Free Tips

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