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One bad apple does not spoil the bunch—at least when we’re talking about doctors.  I think we have all seen and worked with our share of bad-behaviored physicians. I have not even begun to talk about this group of people!!  I could go on and on and on with the crazy antics I have seen and/or heard of.  These doctors are everywhere, or at least seem to be, because bad stuff sticks out in our minds.  There has to be at least one weird or crazy or just plain mean one around every unit.  And even though I think I have so many stories…some that would make you gasp, some that would make you cringe, and some that would make you pee in your pants, I know that every other nurse out there could probably beat me with their best ‘say whaaaat?!?’ physician moment.  But for every ‘bad’ physician, there are a hundred good ones.  The good ones just aren’t as fun to talk about, but I thank God for them.  And I don’t even hate the ones that drive me crazy.  They are who they are, and something has to be said for being predictable  🙂  And lets get this straight…they are ultimately responsible for knowing everything about a lot of different people, they work weird hours, and most importantly, they can sew!!!!

houst 2

One of my favorite physician’s, and one of the greatest men I’d ever met, was this man named Dr. Hofmann.  He was really tall and just generally a big guy, even in his sixties (he may have even been in his seventies).  He would walk down the hall and his scrub pants would always be three seconds away from falling to the floor.  He was so lovely.  The only time I have really broke down and cried at an IUFD delivery was when we delivered the baby and it was so evident what had happened. The baby had a short cord and a tight triple nuchal cord and when the baby finally descended into the pelvis close to her due date the entire pregnancy changed for that sweet family.  She had literally just had a beautiful, reactive NST a few days before and then she said she “felt the baby drop” and then…nothing. Dr. Hofmann walked in and literally broke down.  He sobbed, “I can do something about bleeding. I can do something about high blood pressure.  But this?!?”  I couldn’t even stay in the room. I would have started crying like a crazy person.

One of the lactation consultants once told me that she remembered him from a previous hospital, and that he would wheel all of his scheduled cesarean sections to the OR himself.  She said he would whistle Willie Nelson’s To All the Girl’s as he took them to the OR. I thought that was hysterical and so inappropriate.  One day I repeated the story to him, and he gave me this hearty laugh and then stopped suddenly and with a mischievous smile said “I don’t think that was me.”  lol  He loved his patients. A tired-of-toting mom could never talk him into inducing her if there wasn’t an indication for early delivery and if her cervix wasn’t favorable.  He was always reading about obstetrics from his IPhone and he kept up-to-date on emerging information.  His office was not in our hospital, and a couple of times he would see a patient in his office that would end up being complete, and he would literally drive them to the hospital in his own car! Ruptured and everything!!  He said if they were going to deliver on the way to the hospital, he wanted to make sure he was there to deliver them.  I miss him so much, and I literally think about him every single day.  I was his favorite nurse. (But every nurse thought they were his favorite)  When he died I felt like our community lost someone great, but gained something greater from a man who dedicated his life to a profession he loved.

A lot of residents do not care for OB, and many new doctors do not want to specialize in obstetrics because it’s so litigious.  Most physicians do it because they love it.  I work with some amazing doctors….but the good doctors aren’t the ones that make bedside-life difficult. And it’s these odd-ball doctors that bind all of us together, because we all have one in mind, no matter where we work or where we live, that we could tell a crazy story about.



But it’s doctors like Hofmann that helped give me a true respect for obstetricians.   So when you read my posts, and I’m goofing around and talking about the crazy-weird-bad physicians (you know the ones!), please know that for every bad physician I joke about, there are so many more that I would give a kidney to, doctors who are so dedicated to OB.  I’m so thankful for my own obstetrician, who I still work with.  She gave me a chance to labor with a big fat baby, ruptured meconium for more than 24 hours, with very slow progression…but I eventually had a perfectly healthy baby girl and the vaginal delivery I had wanted so bad.  She took my requests under consideration. I never showed any signs of infection and my baby never showed any signs of distress, so she gave me the chance I had asked for.

These are the physicians that make me love OB.



Until my next delivery ❤

Shout out to all my favorite physicians!!!


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  1. Loved hearing that! Thank you! I have also known some really fun crazy OB’s. Two partners in particular stand out who joke constantly about everything making a c-section actually fun. One of them his name is Watson draws a champagne bottle with the top blowing off and “Happy Birthday” next to the incision line and when the baby comes out they break out into singing the birthday song. They both wear Happy Birthday decorated scrub caps too. They make me smile.


  2. Love this post! I knew an OBGYN doctor like this too and he was everything and more. We lost him way too early, but he is my gold standard of practice excellence!


  3. My favorite OB to work with was always so empowering of nurses and his patients. Helped push labor beds to the OR, always made a point to say thank you to nurses after delivery, bought lunch for staff on weekends, kind to patients and honored birth plans as possible. Good clinical outcomes, calm and worked well in emergencies, patient and honest with his patients. Many nurses unsurprisingly used him as their OB.

    Sadly the bad far outweigh the good though. From being verbally abused, pushed, demeaned at bedside and nursing station, watch nurses struggling to move beds and offer zero help, ignore requests to dispose of their own sharps, belittle birth plans, clockwork failure to progress cesareans at end of office hours, lie to patients, gossip about other physicians, staff and patients and spaz out in emergencies. Doctors seem to be jerky in my experience.

    Love overwhelming majority of CNMs though!


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