It’s Not Just About the Babies

Labor and delivery is different from every other unit in a hospital.  Our patients are usually healthy and happy, and although people typically have some level of pain during labor, they’re rewarded afterwards with a baby!  In the media, everything is usually directed towards this baby.  I mean, having a healthy baby is what it’s all about, right?  Well, having a healthy baby is important, but it’s not just about the baby.  There’s a woman that has to carry the baby, birth the baby, and deal with every consequence that comes with that.

bare bum

I loved being pregnant.  With my first child, my daughter, I did not know that people could complain about being pregnant.  I was twenty-five years old, but I felt like I was fifteen, and I was more focused on feeling embarrassed about having this big round belly that basically told everyone I had/was having sex.  My husband kept telling me THEY ALREADY KNOW.

Eight years later, when I got pregnant with my son, I was in a completely different place in my life.  I absolutely loved being pregnant. I felt beautiful, I slept great, and because I was now a nurse, I was use to going long hours without going to the bathroom, even if I really had to go.  Because I frequently worked triage, I was also use to hearing all of the things that pregnant women would complain and worry about.  Every time I experienced anything that I had ever heard a patient say, I thought it was soooo funny.  I would walk around and think: Man, I have a headache.  Oh look, here’s that vaginal pressure everyone talks about.  My back hurts. My boobs are tender.  Oh God, another stretch mark.  Did I just pee on myself, or did my water just break? …and all of it would make me laugh because I thought it was hilarious and I was just so happy that I was finally pregnant.

As a woman, when we’re pregnant, it’s like our bodies have been invaded.  We get pregnant and suddenly we’re supposed to relinquish all control.  I’m suddenly nauseated if I don’t eat, and sometimes nauseated when I do eat.  I couldn’t remember to take a birth control pill every day, but suddenly I’m supposed to remember to take not one pill, but THREE pills. I took a prenatal vitamin to decrease the chances of my baby getting spina bifida. Since iron-deficeincy anemia is linked to an increased risk of preterm labor and low birth weight, I took an iron pill. I took a DHA pill because I was told it was better for my baby’s brain. I try not to eat tuna (the only fish I actually like), I have to limit my caffeine, and I abstain from red wine :/

Too late :/

Too late :/

On top of everything, I have to let an endless amount of people see me naked and get all up in my business. I barely get naked with the lights on in front of my husband, and suddenly doctors and nurses are asking me to “relax my knees” with this bright light exposing every single indecent part of my body.  AND I refuse to shave :/ As I’ve previously mentioned, before I was a labor nurse I thought only “bad” girls did that.  lol I was wrong. I never knew it was a thing!

So I’m here to tell every pregnant woman out that there I get it!  I know it’s kind of crazy, and weird things are happening to your body and you may feel like you’ve completely lost control.  It’s not just about your baby.  You matter! All of the hard work and sacrifice helps to prepare you for motherhood.  Every day you are pregnant you are preparing your baby for life outside of your body…and every day counts.  If there’s not a medical reason to be induced, let your baby choose their due date.  And every time you’re walking around wondering what is going to “break” or surprise you next, remember that you are beautiful ❤  And women are so much stronger than they even know 🙂



Until my next delivery ❤

My tips:

  • Start a journal.  Complain about everything. Ask every silly question.  Reveal every fear.  It will be funny looking back on it when it’s all said and done.
  • Keep yourself busy.  If you’re one of those preggies that is completely miserable, find an activity to keep your mind busy.
  • Everyone is so nice to pregnant people! Enjoy it!!! Once, when I was at the grocery store I forgot milk and I sooooo didn’t want to walk to the back of the store. I grabbed my back and sighed and the cashier offered to get it for me. lol  ….2% please, any brand, I don’t care. lol
  • Have fun with your husband 🙂  If I know anything, it’s that men like naked. They don’t care if you are 40 pounds heavier and you wobble. So fake it until you make it and you’ll be surprised at how much fun you have 😉

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for writing these. I am 37 and was a labor nurse for 10 years and loved my job. I had to quit due to medical issues and would give anything to go back to work and do what I love. Reading these makes me smile and reminds me of my past so like I said thank you.



  2. I love love LOVE reading your posts – thank you for sharing so much advice from all different sides of pregnancy and birth!


  3. I wish you could be one of my labor nurses! I did have some good nurses my first pregnancy (especially during transition). My doctor’s already talking about induction since I had a big baby (9.12) last time. I’m hoping she just temporarily lost her mind and she won’t ever mention it again because I’m not being induced unless it’s absolutely necessary. Thanks for writing this blog; it’s really neat to read a blog from a labor nurse’s perspective.


  4. I love your posts! I just had my first baby almost 3 months ago, and I still can’t get over what a trip it was.


  5. Thanks for sharing our adventures. I’ve been a labor nurse for 40+ years and have loved almost all of my adventures, both the happy and tearful ones, which can be the most rewarding.
    Now I’m sharing my experiences and love of nursing with my nursing students.


  6. The post you write express the love you have for your patients! I love reading your adventures!


  7. Great post. Brought back interesting memories of when my wife was pregnant

    The Science Geek


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