The Miracle of Labor and Delivery

I wanted to repost this today, because today would have been the photographer’s 33rd birthday. I didn’t know Jamie Anderson all that well—she took newborn photos of my son, Lincoln, when he was 8 weeks old and we kept in touch frequently after that. She often provided photos for my articles. We had a few things in common…we both had a deep passion for the work that we did, we both believed in supporting women, and we both had a love for our hometown of Houston, Texas. When she died unexpectedly, I don’t know why it hit me as hard as it did. But I guess that was just the kind of person she was.  She made an impact on so many people around her.

You can see from her photos that she was a brilliant photographer, and she absolutely loved what she did. Her tag line was God creates them, I capture them. As labor and delivery nurses, we see women bring life into this world every day. I’m so proud to be a labor nurse. We must never take it for granted—Life is a precious gift. God creates it, and we witness it ❤


JME Portraits-1

This is part of the magic.

JME Portraits-3

We are witness to this miracle every day we go to work.

JME Portraits-5

The rotation of a baby’s head.

JME Portraits-9

The release of the shoulders and the delivery of the baby’s body.

JME Portraits-11

Sometimes the baby doesn’t respond the way we need them to.

JME Portraits-13

But a nurse is there to respond to what they see in front of them.

JME Portraits-15

And usually our efforts are rewarded with this….

JME Portraits-31

The healthy cry of a baby.

JME Portraits-23

This is why we work harder to improve our practice, to improve outcomes for our babies and our mothers.


Don't ever forget that we are so privileged to watch the magic of labor and delivery <3 Thank you to every nurse out there that dedicates their work to their patients and profession <3

Don’t ever forget that we are so privileged to watch the miracle of labor and delivery.


To every nurse out there that dedicates their hard work to their patients and profession, THANK YOU.  When you’re exhausted, and you don’t know how much longer you can do the work you do, remember that beauty is all around us.  And tomorrow is a new day 🙂


Thank you Jme Portraits for allowing me to use your incredible images!


Until my next delivery ❤

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  1. I always wanted to be a L&L nurse so I love reading all of this. Thank you.


  2. Birth and continuation of life is indeed a miracle.

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  3. To all of the L&D nurses out there, you guys really do make the difference. Whether we are a first time mom, or an experienced *been there, done that* mom, a fantastic nurse makes it better. Someone to be patient with us as we deal with the pain and discomfort, to let us sob into their scrubs as we get a painful epidural, or, to deal with our bitching because we are starving and our stupid husbands get themselves food…which they then eat in front of us…(im talking to YOU dear husband of mine)

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  4. This reminded of the reason why I dreamed of being a labor and delivery nurse. 🙂

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  5. Beautiful. Appreciate your genuine love for your job and compassion for others. It makes a huge difference. We had wonderful nurses during our time in the hospital and our baby’s NICU stay. Sometimes it’s easy to misread a person too. I thought I was irritating the first (night) nurse but when my mom (kindly) talked to her in the hall, it turned out the nurse was very concerned bc she could see my blood pressure rise and knew I was stressed. She turned out to be very compassionate and came down to my room later to see how everything had gone.

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    • Thank you so much for that comment! You are right, we have to be careful how we come across..But I’m glad you had a great nurse. It was nice of your mom to address it with her.


      • Well, true, we should all be careful how we come across. :). I realized how easy it is for me to misjudge someone. I’m sure sometimes they’re just really tired! 🙂


      • True we all have to be careful how we come across. But it helped me is the patient, to see how I can make their jobs less stressful also. I’m sure its hard when you’re exhausted.


  6. As a former labor nurse who left the field for a while (but is thinking about going back!!) thanks for this post. Our role in a healthy, positive birth experience is often overlooked. It’s refreshing to read how much you clearly love your job. Thanks for reminding me why I became a labor nurse in the first place!


  7. I am so glad I found this blog. I am currently a nursing student and my ultimate goal is to be a L&D nurse. I love reading about other nurses and what they go through on a daily basis. I love reading your stories. I have always been very interested in pregnancy and birth and I have witnessed a lot of deliveries by friends and family members. I also have known many who have had devastating endings. I want to be part of all of it and cannot wait till I can be that person that families depend on during one of the most important days of their lives. Thank you!

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  8. A humbling job. It may be our job as L&D nurses but it means more to our patients. What we perceive as all in days work is sharing in a very private and intimate moment in the life of new parents. It amazes me that after 21 years in my current job in OB that patients remember me. What amazes me more is that I tend to remember them too! I do have the best job in the world!


  9. My Daughter and Grandson in these pics. Thank you L & B nurses for taking care of both of them!

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  10. I haven’t had children yet, but when we do, I’ll think of all your posts and smile wider when a nurse helps me 🙂 .. Thank you for all that you do.


  11. This is, as usual, a great post and a perfect descriptor. My favorite thing that my laboring patient said to me today (between contractions) was “thank you for being amazing”. It made me tear up. 🙂

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  2. Your Passion for Your Patients and Profession – Adventures of a Labor Nurse

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