5 Things to do as a New Grad on a New Unit

Offer to help your coworkers.

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Because it’s all about teamwork!

Trust me, on an obstetrical unit, those nurses notice everything! Even if it’s something simple, offer to help someone out…whether or not they look swamped.  Whether or not you think they should be swamped 😉 They will appreciate it and you’ll quickly see how fast they come to your rescue when you’re the one that needs the help.


This is how I feel when the patient discusses it with her family, and decides to try to have a vaginal delivery.

Because 5 seconds ago you were making no money and had your head in a book…this is so much more fun!!!

No one likes to work with a nurse that it always in a bad mood. Whatever is going on at home, leave it there. Every time you go to work, think about how glad you are to be OUT of nursing school, making good money, and doing something that is usually fun.

Choose your battles.

Know when to speak up and when to bite your tongue.

Not everything is the way they said it would be in your nursing school books. You can’t argue your point about everything. Lead by example instead of trying to force people to see things your way.  And p.s. my favorite quote is “I’d rather look stupid than open my mouth and remove all doubt.” :/

Make sure your patient’s room is tidy.

I’m not the cleanest nurse around, so I learned this the hard way—nurses will notice if you turn your patient over with a messy room! Try to pick up little things as you go. Throw whatever you can into the closet. Make sure you pick up trash lying around.

Take advice gracefully.

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Every single time my favorite charge nurse would give me constructive criticism, I would cry! I would feel so defensive. I would literally think but don’t you know how BAD I want to be a good nurse?!? (As if that should have given me extra points or something!) If someone is willing to reach out to you and give you some advice or constructive criticism, accept it gracefully and try to grow from it.



Until my next delivery ❤

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4 replies

  1. Great article. Good advice for all nurses. We are a growing profession and always learning new things. At some point or another, even as a seasoned nurse, we need constructive criticism and we need to grow.


  2. Love this post! I truly think we should always be open to constructed criticism in every avenue of our life from people more experienced than us. We have the choice to accept it or not. And if it’s given with care, compassion, love or well intention, we should lay our pride aside and absorb every bit of help we can get along the way. Thanks for your blog.


  3. i just started as a new L & D nurse and this is such great advice!! love it 🙂


  4. Thanks for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your further
    post thanks once again.


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