4 Things to Remember When You’re in Labor

Everyone loves a baby, but your baby needs to be skin-to-skin with you immediately after delivery. …or your partner, if you are unavailable. Just remember that everyone else will get their chance to hold your baby.  Tell them to hold the baby when you need to sleep! Skin-to-skin contact is especially important for breastfeeding, but it’s good for all babies, regardless of your feeding choice. Skin-to-skin contact should be immediate and uninterrupted.


You’re pregnant, not paralyzed…get up and move. You were walking around right before you came to the hospital, so don’t think you need to ask permission to change positions. The IV pole doesn’t glue you to the bed. Unless there’s a medical reason why you need to stay planted in the bed, walk around. Rock in a rocking chair. Use a birthing ball. Whatever you do, don’t just lay flat on your back in a bed.

Talk to your baby, talk to your body, and pray! Tell your baby they’re being evicted (but in the nicest voice possible), tell your body to relax and to release the baby, and pray for a quick and easy delivery 🙂 I’m telling you, this works!

Don’t close the “door”. If you lie in the bed, don’t close your legs! As a nurse, if you are about to deliver and we’re still waiting for the provider to show up, the first thing we’re going to do is close your legs : ) So don’t forget… The door has to be open for the baby to come out.

I don't use a stirrup, I use a couple of pillows, and I've seen people use a birthing ball...But if you're stuck at 9cm, this little trick will rotate a baby right out <3

A labor nurse’s version of the “Fire Hydrant” 🙂

I don’t use a stirrup, I use a couple of pillows folded in half and stuffed between your legs, and I’ve seen people use a half-deflated birthing ball…But if you’re stuck at 9cm, this little trick for 10-20 minutes will rotate a baby right out ❤

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  1. Great reminders! Does your facility have peanut balls? They are peanut shaped birthing balls for patients lying down. Works great for epidural patients!

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  2. It is awesome that so many places are adapting this position to help rotate babies. I have been an L&D nurse for 30 years and I used to do this and other things like get them on hands and knees with my Moms when all my co workers thought I was nuts. Now there are actual names for this. LOL Those same nurses called it the Pretzel. Where I am now it is called the Texas Twist. Now I see y’all call it the Fire Hydrant. YAY for helping Moms get that baby out!

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  3. We use and love the peanut ball to turn babies! Love the name the “fire hydrant” with the sturrips- will share that at work! Really appreciate and love your blog……

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  4. We have even done this position with the side table with pillows on it…works wonders!

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    I love this blog.


  6. Ditto on the peanut ball!!!!! Andrea Lythgoe wrote an article for the Lamaze journal about it. They are great. We use them all the time. We bought ours from Childbirth Graphics but Amazon has them too.

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  7. Hi, I am one of the bereavement coordinators in the Heartstrings Perinatal Bereavement office at Northside Hospital in Atlanta. We would love to include your blog post about when L&D is not happy and there is nothing to celebrate…it is the one that touches on perinatal loss. Of course, we would give you and your blog the credit and send you a copy.

    Please let me know! Our website is http://www.northsidepnl.com, in case you want to check us out.

    Thanks! Melissa Petersen

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  8. Dang girl, you are one prolific writer-AND each artice is QUALITY! Thanks for making it so easy to share my love of L&D with my co-workers, family and friends!

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  9. Can someone please tell me what the Texas Twist is? I’m in Austin and I’ve never heard of it. Lol Sounds amazing !


  10. We use the bedside table with pillows and call it a Texas roll! Works wonders!!

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  11. We call it “chicken wing”. I use it all the time. Our docs automatically request that we”sit them up” (high Fowler’s, feet dropped, sitting/throne position) when they are AL. I nod and say “ok” then immediately turn mom to “chicken wing” toward the side with the lip. Within 20 mins, the lip is gone, the baby is rotated and descended, and we can push. 😊

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    And you can use a peanut ball on #4


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