Pregnancy and influenza – new data shows death rate of 25% for those who get critically ill

And for all my patients out there, demand that anyone that takes care of you or your loved ones has had the flu vaccine!

Dr. Jen Gunter

Influenza has reached pandemic  proportions and the spike in flu activity is much earlier than fluexpected this season. Widespread influenza is being reported in 43 states. Therefore it is timely to review the article in January’sObstetrics and Gynecology concerning  severe influenza infection and pregnancy.

Epidemiologists from the Department of Public Health in California pulled the data on hospitalizations for pregnant women who were severely ill with influenza in the 2013-2014 flu season. They identified 17 pregnant women and 1 woman who had recently given birth who were critically ill with influenza. The mortality rate for severe influenza infection in pregnancy was a staggering twenty-five percent. There were also 3 cases of intrauterine demise (stillbirth) related to the death of the mother. Five neonates were also delivered prematurely (between 26 and 33 weeks) in an attempt to improve the outcome for the mother.

The 2012-2013 flu season had the…

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  1. The flu vaccine missed the mark this year. You need to check the number of persons who have the flu who have had the vaccine. It is very high. Every single person I know who has had the flu, had the flu shot. Even the CDC stated they missed it this year. Sad that they tout the thing as some miracle preventative and then this happens.


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