Joining a Professional Organization

If you join a professional organization, put me down as your recruiter (Shelly Lopez Gray).

I give away prizes that are given to me for recruiting. Why? Because I genuinely believe it’s that important for nurses to be a part of their professional organization.  It will give you so many opportunities to meet other nurses, it looks great on your resume, and most of you need it for your clinical ladder. It gives you access to soooo many resources. Check out these websites for more information.  They have student discounts and monthly payment plans as well 🙂


For the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses – You can click here to join online or download the form here if you’d prefer to fax or mail back: AWHONN Membership Application

For the American Nurses Association – You can click here to join online.


My recruiter number:

AWHONN #803254.

ANA #03067174

p.s. ❤



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  1. I was actually just considering joining AWHONN as a student member and then as a nurse when I graduate! Should I still put you down?

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  2. The site asks for a member recruiter number; do you have that?

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    • AWHONN #803254.

      ANA #03067174

      🙂 I hope you join. I went to a conference my first year as a nurse, and that’s what gave me all my mojo. lol


      • I am on the board of my school’s SNA (and a member of NSNA) and was sponsored by School of Nursing to go to Nevada Nurses Association’s conference back in November. It was great and I don’t even start nursing school til next Thursday!!! I am still waiting for a code from them for ANA because they are supposed to have one for students for free but I will definitely be joining AWHONN.

        I understand the benefits of being part of these organizations while in school. I already am an avid reader of the AWHONN’s monthly publication “Nursing for Women’s Health” since I work in the college’s library.

        Thanks so much!!

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