This Baby is About to Fall Out of my Vagina…and Other Discomforts of Pregnancy

The good thing about pregnancy-related discomforts is that they aren’t usually things you need to freak out about. The bad thing about pregnancy-related discomforts is that sometimes they are things you need to worry about.  Your physician or midwife will look at many, many things when deciding whether or not there is reason for concern.  Best advice? If you are ever concerned or have questions, talk to your provider and follow whatever treatment plan they prescribe for you. For more about the highs and lows of pregnancy: 10 of the Best and WORST Things About Pregnancy


  1. Vaginal pressure – This gets worse with each pregnancy. Frequently, I’ll hear people who are pregnant with their 3rd or 4th child (or 5th, or 6th…) child complain that they feel like their baby is literally going to fall right out of their vagina, and splat! right there on the floor. The good news is, this is very unlikely to happen 🙂 But vaginal pressure can be extremely uncomfortable. It could mean that your pelvic floor is just weak from having other babies. It could mean you are getting, or have, a urinary tract infection. It could be a sign of preterm labor.  You might just be super sensitive to this sensation.  Until you talk to your provider, drink lots of water.
  2. Urinary tract infections – It’s hard to go through an entire pregnancy without getting one. A tell-tale sign of a urinary track infection is pain or pressure right above your vagina, also known as suprapubic pain. A lot of times, women will tell me they have more pressure there when they walk or stand.  Again, drink lots of water 🙂
  3. Vaginal discharge – Okay, so more stuff is coming out of there than normal, that is just part of pregnancy :/ But if it’s ever a weird color or odor, you need to talk to your provider. Um, and I’m not trying to be gross, but remember the rule of thumb that what goes up, must come down :/ I can’t tell you how many times I’ve FERNed someone and seen stuff swimming (gag!).
  4. Tender breasts – On one hand, this is sometimes a good thing 🙂 On the other hand, don’t accidentally bump into someone or something 😦
  5. Round ligament pain – Round ligament pain is pain around your stomach. It’s caused by your growing tummy.  It’s often around the sides of your stomach, but it can be anywhere around your abdominal area. Contractions feel like waves of pain. Round ligament pain just feels sore and aches.


  1. Nausea – I have no idea why they call it morning sickness. The truth is, you can feel nauseated at any moment. It’s not limited to a certain time of day or to a certain trimester, although the majority of women will feel better after week 12 of their pregnancy. Try not to go too long without eating. Crackers and toast may help.  The vitamins you take may also make you feel nauseated, so try to take them at a different time of day if you experience severe nausea. And if you can’t seem to hold anything down, talk to your provider, because that’s more than just nausea.
  2. Pelvic pain and Back pain  – With all of the extra hormones running through your body, your ligaments get very relaxed. When I was pregnant with my ten-pound baby, I swear I could literally feel my hips spreading. I would tell my husband to stand behind me and gently provide some pressure, to push everything back together 🙂  Having that big fat baby vaginally made me predisposed to symphis pubic dysfunction with my second pregnancy, which I ended up suffering from after I was jolted in my car after hitting a curb. When I tell you I thought I was dying, I’m not exaggerating. Symphis pubic dysfunction is excrutiating pain.  Back pain can just be back pain. After all, you’re carrying around all this extra weight that your body isn’t use to lugging around. Back pain can also be a sign of preterm labor. So if it doesn’t go away, or continues to be a problem, talk to your provider. And again, drink lots of water
  3. Acne – You’re supposed to be glowing, and yet, here you are with full-on adult acne. It has to do with all those hormones I keep talking about.  And it’s not localized to your face. You’ll find weird acne in all kinds of places…
  4. Constipation – So lots of things contribute to constipation during pregnancy.  A lot of women don’t drink enough water, which can really make things harder : )  Prenatal vitamins, iron tablets, hormones, not getting enough excercise, and not eating properly can all contribute to any lack of movement that should be happening down there. Drink plenty of water and eat more fiber.
  5. Bladder spasms – Sometimes you will just pee on yourself. It’s kind of embarrassing, and it’s a definite deflater when you think your water broke—you go to the hospital, and then you have to tell everyone you just peed on yourself. But it happens 🙂 Sometimes it happens for no reason at all, other than your baby is putting all kinds of pressure in all kinds of weird places. It frequently will happen in the morning, when you’ve tried to hold-it in all night and your bladder just finally gives up. It may happen when you cough, or sneeze, or laugh really hard :/ If your water breaks, it will usually just keep coming. Most people don’t loose a little bit and then that’s it. If you change positions it just keeps coming out.


So even though there are many discomforts of pregnancy, try to enjoy the moments you can, because pregnancy doesn’t last forever (regardless of how you feel at this moment!).  Just take each day at a time 🙂
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 Until my next delivery ❤

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5 replies

  1. Hi! Good to see you giving great advice! Your stuff really cracks me up – we’re the same side of the same coin! I’m doing locums again – for some bizarre reason I allowed myself to be sent to work in Fargo, North Dakota in the dead of winter. The hospital is great, though, and the staff are really awesome. The L&D nurses are smart and I totally trust their judgment. And working part-time is the smartest thing I ever did!


  2. It’s been a lot of years since I gave birth. I loved being pregnant, I loved new borns, and I loved breast feeding. I love reading your blog. Thank you. I birthed a 13lb 4oz baby. I had gestational diabetes and no one knew it. He was born vaginally, and didn’t make it. His shoulders were 16 inches wide. The Dr. was young and wouldn’t listen to the nurse. I loved that Dr. and still do, I didn’t blame him, he didn’t set out to screw up, he simply made mistakes. He learned a lot from my delivery, and I learned a lot spiritually. I will always be grateful for that child.


  3. Hi, thanks for this. Another master piece and another enlightening and resourceful material. I am a man but I must confess with this information, I am going to show my wife much more love, attention, devotion and care in her next pregnancy than I did the last time out.


  4. When I was pregnant with my 2nd (who is 2), I experienced my first ever case of constipation. Thanks to the Zofran given to me to control my HG. I have NEVER experienced pain and discomfort like that (besides actual labor/delivery). It was the cause for the one and only time I ever missed a day of work during my pregnancy. Holy crap. My stomach hurt so bad I cried on the bathroom floor for hours. I literally wanted to go to the ER so they could make the pain go away. I ended up taking daily doses of Miralax and let me tell you- after experiencing that type of pain, you will never again take for granted the ability to have normal BMs lol.


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