Health Isn’t All About Losing Weight

I had my son 19 months ago. As a nurse, I eat at irregular times, and I eat whatever is around and I have learned to eat it quickly. I have yet to shed my baby weight. I was recently approached by a couple of sisters who were doing a wellness summit, who asked if I would be interested in volunteering my time to talk about women’s health issues. At first, I hesitated. I mean, I have more than a few pounds I need to get rid of, so I didn’t think I would be a good choice to participate in this discussion. But then I thought…wait a minute. I’m a nurse, and we have a few notorious bad habits: we have weird eating habits at work, we wait to go to the bathroom, we deal with a lot of stress, and we physically have a hard job. And as a new mother, there are also so many issues that hinder our wellness. We don’t get enough sleep, we give everything to our families, and our hormones are in overdrive.  So after thinking about it all, I thought I would be the PERFECT person to talk about wellness in nurses and women in the perinatal period.  After all, health isn’t JUST about weight.  So if anyone is interested, this summit is free and will have many many speakers who will be talking about a lot of different issues that affect women’s wellness. It will be available to view May 11, 2015.

I’m excited because I’m going to make a commitment to prioritize myself. It doesn’t even feel right typing that, but that’s the only way I’ll be able to maximize my wellness. And I’m the glue that holds my family together. If I’m not okay, nothing will ever be right ❤

For more information or to register for the free summit:

Time for some of this!

Time for some of this!

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  1. I wish that the media would stop focusing on women- celebrities and such- and how fast they are shedding their baby weight. It doesn’t help us out here in the real world, to see the model who is back in a bikini 2 weeks post partum. Some women the weight just falls right off, without them ever “trying”, and others, well, we wonder if we can still blame pregnancy even when our “baby” is in kindergarten lol.

    My oldest is almost 11, and I had her when I was 19. Prior to pregnancy, I was a size 16. At 6w post partum, I was an 18 and before her 1st birthday, I was down to a size 12. I couldn’t tell you how. I didn’t diet or work out non stop. If anything- I credit my young age and the fact that that 1 yr was the most stressful year of my life. (Bought a house, bought a new car, had a baby, left her father 8 weeks later and then dealt with the aftermath- both emotionally and financially) So, I am pretty sure I did not eat properly, and consider how broke I was, most meals consisted of cereal 😦

    Now, nearly 11 yrs later, I had my 2nd in 2012. She was bigger than her sister, weighing in at nearly 10lbs (9lbs 10.8oz) and was born a week early. Almost 3 yrs later, I am still struggling to get that last 20lbs to go away. I diet like crazy, and prior to my husbands schedule change, I went to the gym 5 days a week. This shit is just unfair!

    So while I am roughly a size 16 (I am also 5’10), I am considered obese by bmi standards, but according to my pcp AND my obgyn, I am in excellent health.


  2. My baby turns 31 this weekend and I’m still struggling to get back to trolling weight…lol. Age and hormones carry a huge vote it the weight dept. Hang in there…


    • Darlin’ if you are 5’10” and are a size16, have no health problems and your doctors say you are healthy, that may be YOUR best weight, not some jerk insurances idea of “Ideal” weight!! Do you feel good? Do you feel comfortable in your clothes? Do you have a Happy Hubby? If I was at my Ideal weight for my height which is 5’3″ I should weigh less than 120lbs. been there done that FELT AWFUL!! Gained every pound back plus, plus, tried again, gain, loss yo yo!! messed my metabolism up so bad my body doesn’t know what to do!
      Though I have found, that eating clean, paleo, and also found out I’m allergic to wheat (causes severe migraines) so, nothing with any wheat or wheat flour. over the last 6 month without doing anything else, in fact started school full time and less exercise than running up and down the halls chasing patients, but, I have lost a total of 17 lbs!! That is a real accomplishment for me!! Don’t screw up your metabolism! Change just a few small things, like trying to eat less processed stuff, or use more veggie carbs, instead of grains and beans, and then wait, it may not come off quick but any change is good. Since I was 17 years old I’ve lost all told probably 260-280 lbs on all those diets. And was Not a happy camper, and Half starved some of the time (on 2 of those and they were dr supervised, 500cal then 750cal funny…..I thought I was getting a huge amount of food with that one), I’ve found something that is healthy and I can live with for the rest of my life, its NOT a diet. I eat now, mostly (the wheat thing) like I did at Mom’s dinner table updated for today of course with fresh instead of canned, and leaner meats. But you can have things like duck and bacon if you want, so its less restrictive than I thought. I do use dairy so they call it “primal”, But I’ve been using Goat, milk and cheese products almost exclusively for over 10years . I can boast for the last 7 years in my doctors office(since I’ve been treated by this dr) I have the lowest cholesterol of my age group in his entire office, I’m 53. He was shocked that I’m the only one NOT on a cholesterol drug!! so …….. I’m fat, yes.BUT, NOT getting fatter I’m hoping to get to a 16-18 which is actually where I feel the most comfortable, if I get too much thinner I start to look gaunt. (I have my Daddy’s bone structure. try a size 10 foot on a 5’2″ frame, wear a size 71/2 glove and my Daddy’s watch fits my wrist). SO……. to conclude this diatribe, I’m more satisfied with my body now than I’ve been since I was 12 (I weighed 105 and wore a size 13-14) No one’s happy at 12, too much changes too fast for comfort. It’s not perfect but, I’m glad I’m losing in a healthy manner and hopefully returning my metabolism where it should be.
      keep trying but, remember you are not 19 anymore, And you are NOW the same size you were BEFORE you got pregnant the first time!!! Hard thing to think about after all that time “Skinny”.


  3. Great blog you have here! Will definetly subscribe:)

    The thing is if you were overweight before your pregnancy or you put on more weight than your doctor advised, it could take a long time — up to a year — to get the weight off. Any baby weight you don’t take off could stick with you for a long time.

    Just stay motivated, thats half the battle and good luck.

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