Nurses and Their Healing Hands

My mom’s been a nursery nurse for almost 40 years. Her hands look older than their time. They’re soft like silk, with lines and lines of wrinkles, each one deeper than the next. She calls them her Mother Teresa hands. Ever since I was a little girl, every night I’d watch her massage lotion into them right before she went to bed. As a teenager, I would tease her and tell her that her hands looked so old. She would laugh and tell me that my hands would look like hers one day. Now, as a labor and delivery nurse, we attend the same deliveries. I see the way those hands care for our patients. In a persistent battle stay clean and prevent infection, I have watched her constantly wash her hands between patients, between procedures, and before and after entering every room. Water, soap, and antibacterial gel have aged them. But when a baby surprises me, or a delivery unexpectedly presents us with a still and silent baby, I’m always comforted to see her steady hands guiding the baby back to beating and breathing. I’ve seen her hands constantly provide compassionate care to so many people, regardless of why or how they found themselves in front of us. I’ve seen her hands compel a cry from so many babies, the sound easing every person in the room. I’ve seen her hands patiently help so many mothers breastfeed, repositioning a baby or giving a mother a reassuring touch. As I look at my own hands now, I can only hope that one day my hands will look like hers.

For anyone out there who has ever been cared for by a nurse, know that our hands and our hearts are always ready to care for you. As nurses, we all have “Mother Teresa hands.” Our hands cradle and comfort, they hold and heal, and they nurse. Think of every single thing we do with them! Think of every single thing our hands are capable of. Think of all of their healing power. Relish every wrinkle and be amazed at all that we do with our touch. We are capable of so many things ❀


Me, Caris, and my Mom :)

Me, Caris, and my Mom πŸ™‚


Β 10 Signs You’re Being Raised by a Nurse

Until my next delivery ❀

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  1. Really love this post! As an ‘older’ NICU nurse, my children have always said how my hands looked so old. They laughed at the ‘skin turgor test’ of my hands vs their hands. And I love the surprise pic at the end of your post! I wish all three of you many happy times together!

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  2. Awesome tribute to your mom Shelley.


  3. awww! That’s beautiful. Indeed, Mother Theresa hands.

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  4. Love! This is so precious!

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  5. Wonderful post!!! You are so right, Healing Hands are a precious thing in our world, I’m glad you chose to pay tribute to your Mom, yourself, and all the rest of us! I’ve never thought about my hands that way! Thank you for letting me see myself in a different light. Thinking about this post I realized, Our hands have done more for people than we realize, a gesture, a touch, saving lives and postmortum care, as well as everything in between. Some of it not terribly “nice” like NG tubes and IV’s, but in the end…..helpful and healing. I love that expression!!!

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  6. Right before Mother’s Day – Shelley you couldn’t have said anything nicer about your Mom. She is the most awesome nurse any patient could ever hope to have and it appears that you are following in her footsteps. Reach out and give that comforting word, touch, smile, anything positive and it will come back to you 100 times over.

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  7. Thanks for sharing this beautiful tribute!

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  8. My youngest daughter proudly told her older sister (who almost fainted one time while we were looking at her xray of her ankle, dashing my hopes she would follow in my that she was going to be a nurse like her mom. I was so proud of her!

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  9. Playgroup Singapore

    i’m so proud that i have a nurse sister and auntie. πŸ™‚ so proud of you too


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