The Best Advice I’ve Been Given as a Nurse

peanuts-blogging-advice-770x433Someone recently asked me what was the best advice I’d ever gotten as a nurse. I had to really think about this. As someone who tries to learn from everyone around her, I can think of so many good pieces of advice I’ve been given throughout the years. But here is the best advice I’ve ever been told…

xx Until my next delivery ❤

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given, and who gave it to you?

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  1. Hi! I love your blog and hope to be you when I grow up (although I’m 27) lol. I will be starting nursing school this fall and hope to work in L&D. How, in situations like your article, do you advocate for your client when you know that a section is uncalled for at the time?


  2. One of the nurses I worked with years ago was in labor herself. The Dr came in about dinner time and told her she needed a section for “failure to progress”. The nurse/patient replied,” no I don’t think so. 1/2 cm is progress, the baby looks good and I’m fine, we’ll wait.” She delivered vaginally and was fine. Her opinion carried more weight than anyone else’s. Lol

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  3. The best advice (more like fear….): In nursing school you learn how to not kill someone on purpose, in real life you have to learn to kill someone by accident.

    I’m an ICU nurse but I love the L&D world as well and I think this could work with either specialty. Critical thinking is something you have learn and keep growing at!


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