Learning Fetal Presentation

I found this online and thought it was useful for healthcare providers, nursing students, and pregnant women. If you’re pregnant, and a healthcare provider performs a vaginal exam, they will say you are X amount of centimeters dilated, X% effaced, and at X station.  This is a good example of how your healthcare provider determines fetal station. This is a great illustration of by Nucleus Medical Media.

Until my next delivery ❤

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Vaginal Exams, but Were Afraid to Ask

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  1. Sergio L Orama

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  2. It’s videos like this that make me really feel like I am a superhero because my body can (and has x2) do THAT. lol

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    Great information!


  4. BEST JOB IN THE UNIVERSE!!! I LOVE MY JOB!! OB Nursing has been in my blood forever!!! It’s wonderful having a job that you love & get paid to do it!!!

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