Operation: Certification – We’re Getting Certified!

My friend, Carrie Halsey and I are on a mission to get nurses certified! If you’ve ever considered getting certified, now is the time to “screw it, just do it” (one of my favorite quotes by Richard Branson).  Once you make the decision to get certified, I will email you with all the information you need to see if you qualify to sit for the exam, the different types of NCC exams offered, and how to register for the exam.  Our goal for this project is for nurses who are interested in participating to register and sit for the exam by October 31, 2015. 

screw it lets do it

  1. So, first things first…make a personal commitment to get certified.
  2. Next, tell me that you’re planning on taking the exam by October 31st, 2015. You will receive occasional emails (no more than one or two a week) of reminders, deadlines, and study questions.
  3. Tell a friend (or your whole team!) to join you. It’s much easier when we work together 😉  Try to get as many of your colleagues to also sit for the exam.
  4. Inform you leadership team that you are planning on taking the certification exam. Find out what their policy is. Many hospitals will reimburse the cost of your exam when you obtain certification.
  5. Ask your leadership team if they’d be willing to pay for you to take the exam upfront or if they’d be willing to buy your study materials. It might seem kind of far-fetched, but all they can do is say no. Hint hint: Tell them you have a personal goal to increase your unit’s certification rate by xx%. Use words like “magnet” and “unit professionalism” and “professional growth and development.”
  6. If they will not pay for your study materials, you can rent my favorite book for a reasonable price here.
  7. No money?! No problem! Email me and ask me to mail you my book. Conditions apply 🙂 Like, you have to email me proof that you have actually registered for the exam, you can only keep my book for two weeks or so, and you have to promise to mail it to the next person that needs to borrow it. If you fail to comply with any of these conditions, I will call you a jerk in my head and tell everyone I know that you’re like Cruella De Vil.  p.s. as of now, I only have one book. So we need to pass it on as quickly as possible.
  8. Here are some additional resources:
    • Text the word CERTIFICATION to 84483 to receive Operation: Certification alerts from Adventures of a Labor Nurse or click here to register for text or email alerts.
    • Click here for helpful YouTube videos I’ve found that provide great information.
    • Follow @NCCexamTIPS on Twitter for helpful study tips and tidbits.
    • Follow Nurse Certification on Facebook.

Until my next delivery ❤

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  1. You Rock! Thanks for putting this together 🙂


  2. Thanks for putting this together! I’ll be passing this info on and I’ll let you know all the positive/ negatives I encounter.  One typo in the first paragraph, “quality” instead of “qualify” … I have no idea how these blogs work … if they are easy to edit … or if you even want to LOL. Cyber friend Cindy


  3. applied for my Inpatient OB last week, and taking the EFM cert in September!!!

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  4. This is great! I just got back from teaching a 2-day Inpatient OB certification course in Texas. Had about 40 nurses from North Texas attend, and I hope to see them all register and pass! I love teaching this course because certification is so important to our profession. Good luck to everyone who is registering!

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  5. I wish! I have been in labor and delivery for 6+ years. It’s all I know nursing wise. The exam is so expensive and limited as far as location goes. Maybe someday. It’s a dream of mine but with multiple children, working many nights, therapy for severe clinical depression after a failed suicide attempt in February – it just seems impossible. However – I truly and sincerely wish the best of luck to any and all nurses teeing to achieve this goal. Good luck y’all!


  6. “Screw it, lets do it!” I took the exam a few months back and failed (like big time!). Today, I just signed up to take the exam again after a review course in Pittsburgh in September! Yahoo! Super excited, but about sick to my stomach on all the money I just handed over!!


  7. leaders should seek board certification from ancc. clinical certification is WONDERFUL for those still at the bedside but consider becoming board certified as a nurse executive if you have moved from the bedside. leadership is a specialty too and it matters!


  8. I am so looking forward to taking the certification exam ASAP!! Also looking forward to any helpful hints and tips anyone can give!


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