August 2015 Newsletter

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I wanted to create a newsletter summing up important and interesting information about the things that matter the most to us — our patients, our practice, and our profession. Hopefully, someone out there finds this useful 🙂  I wanted to create something that you could email to coworkers or friends that might find the information useful. I’m open to ideas, if anyone wants to see something in particular, just contact me and let me know what you’d like to see in the next edition!

August 2015 Newsletter

Until my next delivery ❤


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  1. please add something about the assault on a woman’s right to choose. scotus just ruled on legislation requiring clinics to have same standards as ASCs in texas. huge victory but this is a temporary stay.

    you know who =)


  2. This is a great newsletter. I have been retired from nursing since 2000 but worked L&D for 30 years and friends and family depend on my expertise. Really needed to be updated and this was an amazing help. Thanks a bunch!


  3. You are doing a wonderful job with this blog and newsletter. I always look forward to your next posting. Keep up the good work!
    Kristina (WHNP-BC, APNP with 25 yrs. of OB behind her.)

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  4. Love your newsletter. I retired in 2013. You are spot on all the time !!!!


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