Spotlight! for Parents: The Bestselling Book That Promises Kids Will Fall Asleep at Bedtime

For 9 long months my son, Lincoln, would wake up every time his pacifier fell out of his mouth :/ We tried everything to get him to sleep for a few hours straight. We put him in any and every kind of sleeping position. We must have put 20 pacifiers in his crib, hoping he’d easily find another and soothe himself back to sleep. We tried putting him to sleep in a co-sleeper, in his own crib, and even tried letting him sleep on top of me (which I do not recommend).  My dwindling sanity fed my desperation. So when I read this article, I was intrigued.  Would this have worked?! Has it worked for anyone out there?! I know a handful of parents at any given time that would try anything to get their baby to sleep for just a few hours straight…

Bestselling Book Promises Kids Will Fall Asleep at Bedtime

Until my next delivery ❤

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  1. Wow! I’ve never heard of this. I’m anxious to see people’s thoughts on it.


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