Spotlight! for Parents: What Does It Mean to ‘Use Your Breast as a Pacifier?’

I just read this great article by Nancy Mohrbacher and wanted to share it with any parent out there who is afraid that their baby is just using their breast as a pacifier.

What Does It Mean to ‘Use Your Breast as a Pacifier?’

Until my next delivery ❤

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  1. Thanks for sharing!! Such good information bears repeating and Nancy Rohrbacher’s article provides such clarity on the issue of infants “using” mom’s breast as a pacifier. It’s an issue I deal with regularly in caring for new moms.

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  2. I would like it if this was clairified for “healthy babies”, and not babies in the NICU, where we often utilize pacis. People with no background are very literal, they read these articles and completely miss the idea that this does not apply to their baby, who is on oxygen, IV fluids and possibly NPO or limited feedings, but they insist they want to breastfeed right now, or “no pacifier”. Usually when asked, they regurgitate some BS about “Nipple confusion”, a completely made up theory, or that they “don’t believe in them”. I explain that Babies cope in one of two ways. Screaming/crying or sucking; they cannot drink, smoke or cuss. I will be driven to all three if you expect this respiratory issue baby to be allowed to scream for hours on end. Rarely is there any problems after this chat.

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