An Open Letter to Joy Behar

Source: An Open Letter to Joy Behar

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  1. Joy, as good as you are with comedy, I am twice as good as an RN. I have been in nursing since I am 17 and I am now 86 and still volunteering. I don’t work for $$ anymore, I never did really because I was paid a very low salary compared to what you must make. I love my work with people, I helped them get well or go to the final reward in heaven. God is on my shoulder every day of my life. Who takes care of those in the neighborhood or often on the street. You should hear some of my stories such as delivering a baby in the car while in a snow storm because dad stopped to help another car, mom was pushing and when they got to ER, I caught the baby coming out!!

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  2. I cannot even begin to breathe right now after your mockery of nursing. I can only hope that next time one of you needs “nursing” care, we might be too busy watching an actual talk show to care. You owe the entire profession of nursing an apology. Even tho you don’t, here’s what I wrote after watching the original:

    Just a nurse. How i hate those words. And yet, i myself, have sometimes felt somehow less because i was “just” the nurse. A powerfull message for us all. I was there for you when your baby was born, when your baby died, when you were more scared than you have ever been. And what did i do? I held your hand, looked you right in the eyes and said “you can do this and i believe in you”. I cried, i validated your parenthood i didn’t let my emotions show at the time. Later…….that’s another story. I am so disappointed in society and the lack of value they place on us (teachers, social workers, police, fire, all the public servants if u will). I don’t make six figures. Most days my back is killing me, my feet too. But i know, if my child or loved one was in any “Situation “, i would pray for the right nurse to be there at the right time. Hold their hand, look into their eyes and say “its ok. I’m right here and i’m not leaving. You can do this.” And at least bring peace and bear witness. What a job we as “just a nurse ” have.

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  3. Oh, and by the way…………….stethoscopes are not profession specific! Every nurse and doctor has one. How dare you. Sorry, it’s just your ignorance showing.

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  4. Joy Behar you really showed your ignorance when you mocked Nurses! Nurses are often the line that stands between a patients life and death! I always thought you were a big mouth Broad ( really broad), but now I know you are really quite STUPID!!!!!!


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