Spotlight for Parents AND Nurses: Happy Neonatal Nurse’s Day – Thank you @Kleenex

My NICU graduate.

My daughter holding my NICU baby, Lincoln.

People who don’t understand or value the power of a nurse, the words of the a nurse, or the touch of a nurse have obviously never been taken care of by a nurse! Instead of focusing on the ignorant words of a handful of (I’m embarrassed to say) women, I have decided to highlight the wonderful work that we do every day as nurses.  Each and every moment of every single day, nurses everywhere put on scrubs—and their stethoscopes—and make a tremendous impact on the lives of their patients. I am so very grateful for the care my entire family received when my baby was in the NICU.

Happy Neonatal Nurse’s Day, to every NICU nurse out there.

And thank you Kleenex, for the beautiful reminder of how

important the work that we do is ❤

Until my next delivery ❤

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  1. The kleenex should have been a givr away. Why did I not sit near one while watching the video!! So moving!!

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