How to Land a Job in the Labor and Delivery Unit

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It’s not always easy to work your way into OB.  If you’re trying to get “into” labor and delivery, here are my favorite tips…

How to Land a Job in the Labor and Delivery Unit

Until my next delivery ❤

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  1. It helped me tremendously to study up on OB– normals, a normals, complications: ie postpartum hemorrhage, and neonatal norms, care of epidural site, cesarean sections, coding adult women and neonate so, etc. I never worked OB, but after 5 years as RN, two of my own births, and strong lactation background with IBCLC underway, I got called to interview five months after I wondered on to the unit and the gracious nurse manager spoke with me for a few minutes. Dress very well and show up with up to date resume and cover letter. She gave me her email and I stayed in touch, finally hearing back. I wore my black BR power suit, answered all the questions like a seasoned OB nurse (studied for the couple weeks leading to the interview) and did not shy away from telling them I already had two offers for other units, but it was there on the mother-baby unit I wanted to work. Three days later I accepted the offer 😊


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