Random (Nursing) Thought of the Day

For any exhausted nurse out there…

I feel like lately I’ve needed a pep talk. So here it is: Don’t give up. Tomorrow is a new day.  Maybe you feel disenfranchised. Maybe you feel like no one notices any of the good work that you do. Maybe you just want someone to know that you’re human, and that you’re doing the best you can. Even if you’re exhausted, even if you don’t know if anyone cares, put your scrubs on tomorrow and know that you make a difference to someone.  It may never be your boss, it may never their boss, but maybe it’s your patient, maybe it’s your coworker.  And that’s pretty cool 🙂 We have a lot of weight on our shoulders, and we know every level of stress that there is. We all need to remember that we make a difference to someone, and let that drive us forward to do betters for ourselves, our patients, and our profession.

I’m ready for tomorrow! (I think!)


xx until my next delivery ❤

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  1. I feel like you wrote this post for me.

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  2. I really needed to hear that, too! I just started a new PRN mother/baby job. Have done M/B and nursery for 13 years but the new hospital delivers 450 per month vs 80-100 like I have been used to. I got 6 nights of orientation and I loved it the first 4, but the last 2 nights were crazy busy with some unique pt situations. Busy plus learning a new system stinks. So I left 2 hrs late both nights and didn’t eat either night. Just felt defeated. This weekend is my first shift off orientation so I have been praying for a good weekend there!!


    • You never know how someone else feels about prayer, but for my 20 years of nursing, (17 in L&D/NSY) I started each shift with a prayer like this: Lord please bless my hands and head that I will do no harm to anyone including me; bless me with a clear alert mind able to recall nursing skills and knowledge that will help my patients to a better state of wellness. Bless our doctors, us as co-workers, and our patients with good outcomes. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
      I wish you much success in your new job! I retired in August, and God and the job were so good to me. And yes, I had more of these exhausted evenings “Adventures” speaks of than I even want to think about! But, that’s who we are, right?


  3. Thanks for posting this. I have been off on mat leave and will be returning in less than a month. I’m having a lot of anxiety due to the increased workload we as nurses have to endure. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the positives: that you get to help others and make a difference!
    Tori ❤


  4. Thank you for sharing this. You have been a blessing and inspiration to me in many ways. I hope this encourages you.


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