10 Warnings Before Dating a Labor and Delivery Nurse


Because sometimes we need a little laugh…

10 Warnings Before Dating a Labor and Delivery Nurse

Until my next delivery ❤

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  1. Thanks for the laugh; this couldn’t be more correct. Especially what is on your scurbs, when I read that the first thing that came to my mind is MILK because every time I walk into the NICU it smells like milk. Lol


  2. Lol, I’m an 8 year ED nurse that turns into a baby L&D nurse next week. All of those things could totally be interchangeable with ED nurses! And to think… I thought when I changed to L&D, things might be a little different/less gooey. Guess not! At least I won’t be totally out of my element! 😀

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  3. I did High Risk only, not L&D…it doesn’t matter… this piece made me giggle!

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