Spotlight for Nurses: Supernurse to the Rescue!


I loved this article that highlights the role of the Clinical Nurse Specialist!  This role, specific to the CNS, really epitomizes commitment to evidence-based practice and advance nursing knowledge and education. 

Supernurse to the Rescue!

Until my next delivery ❤

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  1. Shelly, our daughter in law is due with her first baby in Feb. She has decided to go to a birthing center using of course a midwife. As a past L&D nurse, I’ve seen the worst case scenario come to the hospital after it was too late to save the baby.
    Can you please enlighten me on the requirements for midwifes and OBs interactions and preparedness for unexpected emergencies in birthing centers like these? As the mom in-law I’m trying to mind my place in this, but am very uncomfortable. Does the patient need to at least meet the doctor who would be taking her in case of an emergent transfer?


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