If You Give a Nurse a Night Shift


If you give a nurse a night shift she’ll need a cup of coffee before she gets report.

She’ll pour herself some.

Before she takes a sip the nurse will look at the clock and realize she is late clocking in.

She will put down her cup of coffee.

When she hurries out of the breakroom she’ll pass by a flashing call light.

She’ll walk into the patient’s room to turn off the light.

When she walks into the patient’s room, she’ll hear the patient’s pump beeping and silence it.

Silencing it will remind her that she only has 2 minutes before it starts beeping again.

She’ll go get a new bag of fluid.

In the med room, she will see a sign on the counter.
(Sign here that you have read, understand, and will comply with x policy).

The nurse will realize she doesn’t have a pen.

Going to the nurse’s station to get a pen, she will pass by a visitor carrying cupcakes.

The cupcakes will remind her that she hasn’t eaten anything all day, because she worked last night and slept all day before work.

Thinking about working all night and sleeping all day will remind her that she hasn’t seen her husband or kids.

She realizes she misses them.

She will take out her phone to shoot her a husband a quick text.

When she opens her phone, she will see a text from the educator that her NRP is about to expire.

She will have to take the class on her next day off.

A coworker will pass by and the nurse will ask her if she has an NRP book she can borrow.

She will follow her coworker into the breakroom.

As she follows the nurse into the breakroom, she will see a call light flashing.

She can hear a pump is beeping.

Hearing the beeping reminds the nurse that she is still carrying a bag of LR.

As she turns to leave the breakroom, the bag of LR she is carrying knocks over the coffee that she left on the table.

As she kneels down to wipe up the coffee, she’ll look up at the clock

and realize she never clocked in.


Until my next delivery ❤

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2 replies

  1. That was me when I got a random day shift thrown in. I am def a night person. Last day shift I worked they sent me home sick insisting that I was way too pale and out of sorts to not be sick. I didn’t argue over being sent home, lol. Give me a night shift any day, days send my body into shutdown mode, just nope.


  2. HAAA!!! See, at work this is just normal, albeit insane. But at home when I operate like this my family thinks I’m nuts. I keep telling them that by the end of the day, everything I’ve started WILL be finished, just be patient. I never realized I was still maintaining my shift mentality.


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