Thank God for Teachers

At the end of every school year, I look forward to summer. I long for the days where I don’t have to worry about packing a lunch, or chasing down homework, or searching for folders that should have been signed. I fantasize about sleeping in on my days off—days where I wake up as late at 730 in the morning! But then summer comes, and it never fails—I secretly can’t wait to see that yellow school bus turning the corner, bright and early at 7 in the morning, predictably arriving right on time every day.

In our house, summer for my tween has turned into what-camp-am-I-doing-this-week. And in an effort to keep my children entertained and enlightened, I have scoured the Internet to find the coolest, secretly educational activities within a sixty-mile radius.  Desperate for childcare, and somewhat afraid she will go back to school reverted back to a kindergartener and my shortcomings as a parent will be revealed, I inconvenience everyone to get her to and from each camp.  And as summer unfolds, and without the threat of being unable to wake up for school the next morning, my daughter seems to go to bed later and later each night. It’s as if the summer heat proclaims to hell with routine!  But I miss it. And to be honest, I’m tired of fixing snacks at weird times of the day and struggling to find childcare while my husband and I are at work.  I can’t wait to send her off each morning at 7am and only have to worry about who will be at the house at 330 to make sure she gets through the door.

I’m so ready for the start of a new school year. Thank God for teachers, who teach and love our children when we’re not around. Today, as my daughter excitedly heads off to school, I don’t care about my future months of chasing down homework. I don’t care about my future days making sure her folder gets signed (and p.s., that does NOT mean I actually looked at it). I don’t care about my future nights trying to find something to pack in my daughter’s lunch, since I seem to have the only child in the world that doesn’t eat sandwiches. This year, I’m just going to pray that my daughter doesn’t wear the same clothes two days in a row (but they were still clean mom!) and I’m going to be thankful for the teachers that take such great care of my child while I am at work, the teachers who don’t seem to judge when a lunch or homework is left behind at the house.  I don’t know what I’ll be saying a week from now, but today, I say  So long summer!

Until my next delivery ❤


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  1. this the truth – I felt exactly the same when my girls were school-age. I think it’s the stability school days bring; kids go to bed earlier and there is order in the home. There is no perfect mom out there, we never give up trying though. SomeIsn’t might believe it’s possible but it’s not. The funny thing is that now I’m the teacher (changed careers) and my girls are the moms!! As the World Turns…..

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  2. We homeschool, and this type of post makes me very sad. We have routine, stability, joy, continuity, social interaction. But we get to teach our kids, and watch them grow, rather than let strangers who will never love them as much as we do spent the majority of their waking hours with them. If i had to send my kids to school, I would honestly be disappointed that our summers were over, rather than look forward to the yellow school buses in the morning. While I respect your decision to raise your child however you chose, I wish society and social media offered more thought into alternatives, rather than simply accepting the norm without question.


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